Join SHRM-Memphis Today!

How To Join

To JOIN SHRM-Memphis Chapter 134, there is a three (3) step process:  


Become a MEMBER of the National SHRM Organization!

SHRM-Memphis is considered a 100% Chapter. This means that all our members are first SHRM National members, and as a member of SHRM National each local member is invited to affiliates with our Chapter 134. Essentially, once you are a member of SHRM, and complete step two, you considered a member of the SHRM-Memphis chapter.  We do not collect additional membership dues to affiliate with our chapter.  So once you have completed the SHRM National online application, please return to this page to complete step two.  When you are completing the online application, be sure to select Chapter 134 when asked, “what's your chapter of choice to be identified with?”

If you are already a member of SHRM National, immediately scroll down to STEP TWO.

If you are not a member of SHRM National please click here to begin that process.  When you are done with the SHRM National application, be sure to return to this page to continue on with step two.


Affiliate With Us, SHRM-Memphis Chapter 134!

To affiliate with our chapter please click on the Affiliate With Us button in the side menu bar at the top of this page.  You will need your current SHRM National Member Number. By completing this form, it allows our Membership Team to receive accurate information from National regarding your membership and allow us to add you to our membership mailing roster.  Please complete the form in its entirety, to ensure your application is processed timely.


Get Engaged!

It is our goal and mission to provide our members with the best quality resources available. Register to attend our Member Orientation.  This is an awesome opportunity for you to connect with chapter members and network. COME MEET OTHER SHRM-MEMPHIS MEMBERS & BOARD MEMBERS IN A CASUAL & COMFORTABLE ENVIRONMENT!  

To register for our next Member Orientation Event click here.


 To join SHRM National please click this link ! Join SHRM National today !