Volunteer with Us

ENGAGEMENT! One of the goals of SHRM-Memphis 2018 is member engagement. Have you ever wondered how you can become more engaged in SHRM-Memphis? Now is your chance to play a part and use your wonderful HR skills and talents while you provide an amazing service to the community. We welcome your participation and effort to become more involved in a wonderful initiative to be a difference maker! 

We value the time and commitment of our volunteers and want to provide you with the best opportunity to serve. Please select the boxes for the committees that most interest you and a member of our engagement team will contact you. Also to view more detailed information about board positions and job descriptions please click here.

  I'm interested in participating in a focus group for the chapter
  I'm interested but need more information regarding time and frequency
  Not Interested at this time

Please select all that apply:

  Website Content and Design
  Social Media
  Blogging / Writing Articles
  Live Video/Posting at Events
  Finance / Treasury
  Foundation Committee Member
  Hospitality Committee
  Registration Volunteer
  HR_Recognition Committee
  Membership Engagement Activities
  HR Partner Engagement
  Certification/Education Seminars
  Sponsorship Requests
  Networking on our behalf
  Student Chapter Committee
  Recruit and engage students
  Please Call Me In A Month
  Please Call Me In 3 Months
  Please Keep Me Informed With Emails and I will Let You Know What Projects and Meetings I can Attend
  Please Contact Me In 6 Months
  Please Contact Me Next Year

For more information about volunteering email [email protected]