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Strategic Vision for the Next Generation of Talent—Where’s The Covid-19 Crystal Ball for Internships?

By Dr. Kathy Tuberville

Spring 2020. Employers are anticipating great summer internship programs after developing creative engagement strategies with university and college partners. Students are becoming more and more aware of the need to prepare sooner than ever for the lowest unemployment rate in US history.

Then….it happened as we all know. Covid-19 with its far-reaching tentacles begin to impact all aspects of talent management, including summer internship programs. In our regional area, this activity hit first with Spring 2020 interns. In the Fogelman College of Business and Economics, we are pleased to report that many of our interns were given the opportunity to work remotely by numerous employers and we thank those employers for their insight and ability to do so.

The question now is where do internship programs go from here?.....

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