General Benefits

Naming rights to one of several events

Exclusivity among sponsors at a given level

Use of logos, images or trademarks

On-site product sampling opportunities

Demonstration or display opportunities

Event signage, exclusive or non-exclusive

Internet-related benefits such as content for the sponsor website

Participation in the event by employees, shareholders

Inclusion in all media releases and other media contacts

Inclusion in all advertising and event promotional pieces

For more specific details about the sponsorship benefits see the various sponsorship levels.


Appropriate Sponsorships

The use or acknowledgment of a sponsor’s name or logo will not provide a substantial return benefit if only the following are included:

  •       Sponsor logos and slogans that do not contain comparative or qualitative descriptions of the sponsor’s         products, services, facilities or companies (logos or slogans that are an established part of a              sponsor’s identity are not considered to contain comparative or qualitative descriptions);
  •       Sponsor locations, telephone numbers and/or Internet addresses;
  •       Displays or visual depictions of a sponsor’s product line or services that are value neutral;
  •       Listings of sponsor brand or trade names, products or services; and
  •       Product distribution by the sponsor or by the exempt organization to the general public, whether free or       for remuneration. 


Limited License

SHRM-Memphis grants the Sponsor a limited license to use any artwork / signage at the Event site for the purpose of promoting the Event and their sponsorship, and/or other materials linking to the purpose of the Event and /or site. Sponsor grants SHRM-Memphis a limited license to use Sponsor’s logo in promotional material and on the Event site.

Opportunities and Benefits