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SHRM Memphis kicked off 2018 welcoming Assistant Professor of Management from University of Memphis, Dr. Kristen P. Jones, to the DoubleTree Hotel to discuss her research: subtle discrimination. As HR Professionals, we have been trained or we’ve experienced the ugliness of traditional, or “overt” discrimination, E.g. openly preventing women or minorities from applying for certain positions or only reviewing applications with names believed to be foreign or those of younger applicants for heavy technology positions; however, what about those situations that aren’t so obvious, maybe even unintentional, E.g. not inviting women to happy hour after work, being dismissive to ideas generated by women or other minority groups, etc.?

 This is where Dr. Jones’s research on subtle discrimination begins and unveils that the definition of discrimination is expanding in the 21st century. If you missed Dr. Jones’s presentation on subtle discrimination back in January – you missed an opportunity to expand your knowledge. Don’t let future hot topics pass you by!

 In March, be sure to join us for the 2018 Half-Day Legal Seminar on Tuesday, March 20th.


Tuesday, March 20, 2018, Double Tree by Hilton Hotel, 5069 Sanderlin Avenue, Memphis, TN 38117 7:30am-12:00pm


Half-Day Legal Seminar

March 20, 2018 7:30 AM CDT to 12:00 PM CDT

Doubletree Memphis 5069 Sanderlin Avenue Memphis, TN


 And, in April, be sure to join us for “Executivel Presence” on April 17th with Bill Catlette.


Executive Presence

April 17, 2018 7:30 AM CDT to 9:00 AM CDT 

Doubletree Memphis 5069 Sanderlin Avenue Memphis, TN

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Bill Catlette is an author, coach, and healthcare board member. He helps leaders connect the dots between people, passion, performance, and profit, eliminate blindspots, and achieve competitive edge.

Bill's professional background includes management & executive roles with ADP and FedEx (early stage), where he and his staff developed and implemented many of the policies and programs instrumental to the success of those companies.

Co-author of the Contented Cows leadership book series, he consults with and coaches managers worldwide on leadership, strategy and organizational development.


$25.00 Monthly Chapter Meeting - Member $30.00 after 06:00 pm April 13

$30.00 Monthly Chapter Meeting - Guest Ticket $35.00 after 06:00 pm April 13

$10.00 STUDENT TICKET $15.00 after 06:00 pm April 13


Also, in April, don't mix our first Mix-n-Mingle of the year at the unique watering hole, the Zebra Lounge!



The Society of Human Resource Management- Memphis wants to elicit your engagement for our first Mix-N-Mingle of the year! The freezing weather in January kept us away but April showers are bring us back!


You will enjoy:





Mix-N-Mingle information:



Looking forward to connecting with all the HR Professionals of the Mid-South!

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Calendar of Events

April 13th - HR Professionals Magazine HR Training at the Crescent Club

April 17th - Chapter Breakfast Meeting and Program: Executive Presence

April 24th - Mix-n-Mingle at the Zebra Lounge

May 15th - Chapter Breakfast Meeting and Program: Innovative Benefits

May 22nd - New Member Orientation at the Kroc Center


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Welcome New Members

New Member Orientation: Just Another Stale Meeting or Worthwhile Agenda Item?

By O. Shelley Kemp

The year was 2006, and my employer of four years – the employer I wanted to grow old and retire from – announced they were streamlining the department in which I worked. After attending school at the very place I was employed, making friends, finding my professional calling, and then completing a Master’s degree in Human Resources, I was now in the position of being unemployed. At first I was terrified, but I did not have the spirit of fear in me, and what started as terror turned to excitement as I realized that this was my opportunity to transition my career to the very industry I had studied for the last two (plus) years: Human Resources.

So, over the next few months while finalizing my role at the university, I sent out resumes, completed online applications, went to weekly networking meetings, and started interviewing. I was fortunate enough that my employer agreed to keep me on staff until I found a position, so the monkey that was riding my back since that initial announcement suddenly became lighter, and I was able to turn those networking opportunities into more meaningful conversations about what I wanted to do in my next career position. That’s when one of my peers and my mentor, Dr. Kathy Tuberville suggested I attend an upcoming SHRM New Member Orientation.

“I don’t need to go to that! I’ve been a member of SHRM for 4 years!” I was convinced that new member orientation was for people new to the city or those who were just joining SHRM here in Memphis. And who wants to go to a stale meet-and-greet where everybody already knows everybody? Reluctantly, though, she convinced me that my boss wasn’t going to be able to hold my position very much longer and that it would be an opportunity for me to practice my 30-second commercial which announced that I was transitioning from academia to HR. And so, I went.

I was surprised when I walked through the doors, too. There were a lot more people at the orientation than I had anticipated – at least 30 people. And, right on time, the facilitator of that year’s meeting announced that we would be introducing ourselves in round-about fashion. When it came my turn here’s what I said:


“Good evening. My name is Shelley Dunn. Currently I am the Director of non-Traditional Programming for the School of Business at Crichton College. I have a B.S. in Organizational Management and a Master’s in Human Resource Administration. Recently, it was announced that my position within the department is being eliminated, and I am looking for an opportunity to transition my career into a Generalist role in Human Resources. My strengths are policy review, recruiting and staffing, training and public speaking. If you know of any opportunities that may be of interest, I look forward to speaking with you after our meeting tonight. Again, my name is Shelley Dunn. Glad to be here.”

And, that’s all it took. The following week I received a phone call at work, and the caller on the other end of the phone politely asked “Are you the Shelley Dunn who attended the SHRM Memphis orientation last week?” After confirming my identity, the caller introduced herself as the Vice President of HR who was also in attendance at last week’s orientation. She had recently moved to Memphis and was building her HR team for a large financial institution. She wanted to talk to me about her Generalist role.

I could not believe it! It worked!

Three weeks later I was accepting a position for more money than I was currently making, and I was preparing to work in my DREAM job with a large financial institution. So the moral of my story is: New Member Orientation WORKS! If you’ve been a member for ten years, but have never attended New Member Orientation – you should go; if you’ve been a member for ten minutes, you need to go. Whether you are not looking for anything for yourself, or you’re looking for an opportunity to transition – New Member Orientation is definitely NOT just another meet-and-greet or meeting to drink coffee with other professionals. It’s an opportunity for new beginnings.


May Member Orientation

May 22, 2018 5:30 PM CDT to 7:00 PM CDT at the Kroc Center

For more information about SHRM-Memphis’s next New Member Orientation, go to


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People Profiles

Meet Tyler Stegall, University of Memphis Alum, City of Memphis, HR Project Coordinator 


Tyler Stegall


  1. What is your name? Where are your currently working and in what capacity (title)?

    Tyler Stegall, City of Memphis, HR Project Coordinator


  2. How long have you been a member of SHRM? Have you ever volunteered on a committee? Been an officer?

    I joined SHRM in the fall of 2015. I’ve served as the Student Chapter President until I graduated in May of 2017, then affiliated with the SHRM-Memphis Professional Chapter. I began serving as the College Relations Chair in January of 2018.


  3. Besides HR, what are you passionate about? What would you do every day if money were no object and you could explore that passion?

    That’s a difficult question. Two things, I love to travel and I love to fish, and would definitely consider a career as a professional fisherman! Finally, I’m passionate about my faith and serving others. I’d spend a lot of my time in missions during my travels.


  4. Have you ever been to a SHRM state, regional or national conference? Tell us about your experience if ‘yes’.

    Yes, I’ve been to state and national conference. I attended national conference for free after our student chapter won a National Student Case Competition in Houston, Texas. The experience fueled my passion for HR and helped me realize prominent SHRM is across the globe.


  5. What advice would you give someone wanting to pursue a job/role in HR?

    Join SHRM. I’m not just saying that because I serve as a board member, but because I found myself wondering if HR was right for me. After joining SHRM, I learned about the many different fields of HR and had the opportunity to meet/discuss their roles and responsibilities. HR is a dynamic component of any company with many different areas of expertise within it. For that reason, you must get to know some experts in the field to get a better understanding of where you fit in. What better place to do that than SHRM!




Meet Pamela R. Venson Jones, Tri-State Bank of Memphis, Vice President Human Resources


Pamela Venson

  1. What is your name? Where are your currently working and in what capacity (title)?

    Pamela R. Venson Jones

    Tri-State Bank of Memphis

    Vice President Human Resources


  2. How long have you been a member of SHRM? Have you ever volunteered on a committee? Been an officer?

    SHRM-National since 1999

    SHRM-Memphis Chapter #134 since 2001

    SHRM-Memphis Conference, host committee volunteer

    Have not been an officer of SHRM


  3. Besides HR, what are you passionate about? What would you do every day if money were no object and you could explore that passion?

    My biggest passion is working in the church from ushering to working with the deacons as the financial secretary. Helping in the community with the church.

    I love people and passionate about helping people wherever or whenever I can.

    I love to share holistic health and wellness tidbits to staff and friends.

    I love to travel and explore natural historic sites and create a Facebook journey or tweeter journey of my adventures.

    I love doing research for Corporate Human Resource Attorneys and my down time away from people is the processing of payroll.


  4. Have you ever been to a SHRM state, regional or national conference? Tell us about your experience if ‘yes’.

    My first experience with SHRM was at a national conference. OMG the energy was so electrifying, the seminars and breakout sessions were amazing, and the guest speaker was phenomenal. My second experience with SHRM was at a regional conference when I volunteered. It was captivating experience making new local friends in the industry and organization. I felt I belonged and others wanted me to be a part of the experience with them.


  5. What advice would you give someone wanting to pursue a job/role in HR?

    If you are a people person and you have a passion for helping others, Human Resources is the best place to be. If you are new to the field and you need a support team of amazing helpers who offer how to write job descriptions, policy manuals, share salary scales, share ideas from the beginning to the C-Suite. Professional SHRM Human Resource is your ticket to the knowledge and skills and tools needed to get the job done.


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HR Awards

And the Award Goes To…

On Tuesday, February 20, 2018, SHRM-Memphis held its annual HR Excellence Awards banquet which provides Memphis professionals with an opportunity to recognize individuals for their outstanding human resources initiatives that advance the field of Human Resource Management and the community-at-large. This year’s award categories were: 1) the George Mabon HR Executive of the Year, 2) HR Emerging Leader, 3) Memphis HR Champion, 4) Student of the Year, and 5) Lifetime Achievement Award.

      This year’s deserving winners included:

We would like to congratulate both our winners and the nominees. The legacy that they have left for future HR professionals continues to 2019 and beyond!

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Legal Updates

Thank you Littler, Fisher Phillips, Jackson|Lewis, and Burch Porter Johnson, PLLC for your continued partnerships and support for empowering and educating our HR professionals here in the Mid-South.  We look forward to the Half-Day Legal Seminar on Tuesday, March 20th at The DoubleTree Hotel at 5069 Sanderlin.  For more information on how to register, interested attendees can go to

 Fisher Phillips      Burch Porter Johnson   Jackson-Lewis

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