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M Announces Details of New Certification
RM Announces Details of New Certification
 Announces Details of New Certification

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RM Announces Details of New Certification

SHRM Announces Details of New Certification

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October is Awarness Month for many things...

But for many HR Professionals the issues of Domestic Violence effects the workplace most frequently whether they are aware a problem exist or not.

Domestic violence in the workplace occurs both on and off the worksite

It includes all behaviors that interfere with the employee’s ability to perform work tasks. Examples include harassing or repeated phones calls, e-mails, faxes, and appearances at the work site. Domestic violence at home also can have substantial consequences at work. Sleep deprivation and physical injuries can negatively impact the employee’s ability to perform at work.

Employed batterers often use company time and resources, e.g. e-mail, cell phone, company car, to keep tabs on his partner every hour of the day.

How common is domestic violence in the workplace?

  •          Every year approximately 18,700 violent workplace events are committed by an intimate of the victim at the workplace.*
  •          Ninety-four percent of corporate security directors rank intimate partner violence as a major security problem.
  •          Seventy-four percent of employed battered women are harassed by their partners at work, either in person or over the telephone.
  •          The costs of intimate partner violence exceed $8 billion dollars annually.


Despite these statistics, more than 70 percent of businesses have no formal policy addressing workplace domestic violence.

(Excerpt from Partners Against Domestic Violence Website

Local Memphis  Resources

Exchange Club Family Center
Comprehensive services for victims, perpetrators and children; lethality assessments, custodial evaluations and more.
(901) 276-2200 8:30 a.m. -5:00 p.m.
2180 Union




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